Services and Pricing

Relaxation Massage is a full body, head to toe, experience. It can either start with a face and scalp massage or you can prefer to start with the neck and shoulders. Relaxation Massage is intended to put the mind and body at ease with multiple kinds of massage strokes ranging from light long strokes to move cirrculation and help you start relaxing, to smaller deep cirrucular movements to work out the toxins in the muslces and release your "knots".

Half Hour Relaxation Massage ~ $33.00

One Hour Relaxation Massage ~ $50.00

Deep Tissue Massage is used to work on more specific areas of the body with more aggressive pressure then other massages. We will always customize the massage to your needs, including pressure and what areas you would like worked on. Whether it is to work on a frozen shoulder, Tennis elbow or needing help with sciatic problems we will dedicate our time to work on the areas that need the most time.

Half Hour Deep Tissue Massage ~ $33.00

One Hour Deep Tissue Massage ~ $50.00

Pregnancy Massage is a great option for woman who are expecting. Whether it is in the first trimester, second or the third this techinique helps the mother to rest and let her body absorb the changes that are going on. The massage is done in the side-lying postions with pillows, we do this because it is how most woman sleep during their pregnancy term and are usually more comfortable. The work is done on the neck, shoulders, back and hips, we avoid the hands, feet and legs due to these areas being possibly harmful to the mother and baby. The strokes are simular to the relaxation massage, starting with light long strokes working deeper into the muscle to help relieve pain and tension.

Pregnancy Massage ~ $50.00

Chair Massages are a work place favorite. This massage can brought to you at a work place or party or it can be done in our own clinical setting. A chair massage concentrates on the neck, shoulders, back and arms and it is done over the clothing. This quick massage is great for releasing the tension in the shoulders and neck that comes from sitting at a desk all day.

15 Minute Chair Massage ~ $17.00

Hot Stone Massage is a hour massage that covers the whole body. The massage is done with very warm stones that are either placed on the skin or used as a tool to work on the muscles. This is a favorite during the winter month sense the rocks will warm you down to your core. The reason this massage is so effective is a combination of heat and weight from the rocks. The heat of the stones can penetrate the muscle on a deeper leave then just muscle work alone. The weight of the stones helps the therapist use a stronger pressure then what just their hands can reach. So if you are looking for a winter warm up or needing some tension released this is a great choice.

Hot Stone Add On ~ $12.00